Where to buy my desk and fuzzy chair!

First and foremost, I was not expecting y’all to love my office set-up so much on Instagram and Facebook! I’ve had quite a few requests for where I purchased the desk and chair - my desk is the Crosley Aimee Soft Gold Desk (via Goedeker’s) and my chair is Linon Home Fiona Faux Fur Office Chair (via Bed, Bath, & Beyond). Unfortunately, BB&B is sold out of the fuzzy pink chair yet but don’t worry, I’ve found it on other retailers and some similar styles on Amazon! I purchased mine in late 2018 from BB&B and I am unsure when they will have a restock but I’ve included that original link as well below. Happy shopping! 

Linon Home Fiona Faux Fur Office Chair - Blush 
Bed, Bath, & Beyond (purchased Fall ‘18 - currently out of stock as of 5/27/20)

The Furniture Domain (IN STOCK as of 5/27)

Home Shopping Malls (back ordered, ships in 2-3 weeks as of 5/27)

Totally Furniture (back ordered, ships in 2-3 weeks as of 5/27)

Target (currently sold out, awaiting e-mail notification for restock)

Similar Styles 

(also available in hot pink velvet via Amazon)

(this one’s a little expensive)

Crosley Aimee Soft Gold Desk 
Goedeker’s - purchased
(click here to view a “vanity” version with a mirror)

Home Depot (out of stock, e-mailed for re-stock)

Overstock.com (out of stock, e-mailed for re-stock)

LIFE: 2020

Ten years ago, I had not the slightest idea that that what was to come in 2010 would change my life forever. 2010 was the year that unexpectedly changed yet blessed my life. 

The last ten years have been a time of growth. There has been hardship, depression and anxiety, pain, death, grief, and sadness. Yet through it all there has been an abundance of love, light, laughter, smiles, hugs, and happiness.

Here's to 2020!