LIFE: One year.

One year. 52 weeks. 365 days... All of these ways to say it’s been a while. Hi, I’m back. This time for good. Not hopefully. Truth be told, I’ve felt like something has been missing. I’ve had an amazing “sabbatical” from blogging/writing/creating yet something in my heart has been yearning to create. I need to write. I need to tell my stories.

As amazing as this last year was, it also had some very dark moments. I’ve struggled with my emotions and anxiety. Depression has attempted to creep it’s way back in. I know it’s heavy talk but I know I am not the only one who has these challenges. These are opportunities to overcome. I still struggle but I also learned how to walk away. I’m learning to protect my heart, my energy, my spirit. It’s taken me a long while as my nature is often so giving but in return I’m often depleted. I am working towards balance.

I’ve missed this. I’m happy to be back and bring peace to my creative side. And here’s my smiling face for good measure. ❤️