#30DayBlogChallenge SEPTEMBER 2018 - Day 1

Last year, I had challenged myself to pursue a #30DayBlogChallenge for the month of September, I made it to posting for two days, missed a day, and then didn't follow through with finishing out the month. I failed. I didn't even write an apology to say, HEY! I missed a day. Sorry. I'm back!" Nope, I ignored it and went about life and neglected things. I remember some of the excitement I had when I began blogging with the RVAfashionista idenity on Blogspot. I need to get back to that.

While on LinkedIn, I stumbled upon this quote on a post by Tony Robbins (Virgin CEO). This completely hit home. I need to focus on scaling the wall. I need to focus on redefining the problem. I need to start focusing on my creative endeavors.

Day one is DONE!!! #30DayBlogChallenge