#30DayBlogChallenge - Day 3

I had every intention of blogging and writing on my lunch/dinner/meal break. The post was written and proofread as I was about to hit publish. Then the Blogger app suddenly quit as my wifi was acting funky and BOOM, the draft didn't even save. So here I am, 11:30-something at night trying to write out a blog post for day 3 of the #30DayBlogChallenge.

Art by Tom Shumate via Studio6

I could have gone on about the horrible day I was having in this post. But instead, I just kept swimming. I kept pushing through. And I made it. I'm tired. But I am OK. My knee is still incredibly grumpy and I am feeling a little burnt out but I met some really great customers tonight. The customers that made me smile with positive energy and influence. 

No matter how shoddy or bad your day is, just keep swimming. Keep yourself afloat and moving forward.

#30DayBlogChallenge - Day 2

Hello and welcome to Day 2 of the #LindsayAndTheCity #30DayBlogChallenge! We made it day two and while I'm in the process of brainstorming potential blog ideas, I'd love to hear your feedback on what my readers would like to see me write/blog/ramble about. Part of this challenge is to foster a creative outlet for myself. As for today, we are speaking into existence some goals, plans, and aspirations today.
1. 30 minutes of yoga three days a week.
I have thoroughly neglected any fitness this summer except for the copious amounts of walking (a busy day at work usually means I end my day around 20,000 steps). I am also looking into yoga has a way to stretch my joints and back, to self-center (wooosahhhhh), and a form of low impact excercise for my cranky knee.
2. Find a paint color for my apartment.
Potential colors include pale soft grey or a neutral to cool beige. I am keeping my white trim/ceilings but the cream for my walls is too yellow and warm especially with the richness of my hardwood parquet floors and deep wood tones in some of my furniture. I am pretty sure the wall color will be good neutral that I hope I won't need to repaint if I ever more.
3. Continue to "shop" and search for a new sofa and TV stand.
My IKEA futon has well gotten it's money's worth (I had inherited her from my Grandmother's apartment so my futon is at least 7-8 years old). I'm on the hunt for a grey sleeper sofa for both Netflix binges and when friends visit. I also want a TV stand with lots of storage. That way I can also hide my printer, extra blankets/linens, and shoes (though now might be the time to list my shoe collection on Poshmark... too many Nine West and Crocs shoes to name a couple brands).
3. Consider purchasing a bike as a means of both transportion and excercise.
I had an amazing time volunteering at the Bike Virginia tour this summer and really enjoyed the comraderie of being around "bike people." Also, cycling is great excercise and not as bad on my knees than other forms of cardio.
4. Last but not least, SCALE THE WALL!
As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I need to not focus on the barriers but instead "climb the wall." See what's out there. Explore. Not be afraid. Be brave. Get shit done! I'm the only one stopping myself from greatness.
Day Two complete. WOOT! Tomorrow might be a "Makeup Monday" kind of post!

#30DayBlogChallenge SEPTEMBER 2018 - Day 1

Last year, I had challenged myself to pursue a #30DayBlogChallenge for the month of September, I made it to posting for two days, missed a day, and then didn't follow through with finishing out the month. I failed. I didn't even write an apology to say, HEY! I missed a day. Sorry. I'm back!" Nope, I ignored it and went about life and neglected things. I remember some of the excitement I had when I began blogging with the RVAfashionista idenity on Blogspot. I need to get back to that.

While on LinkedIn, I stumbled upon this quote on a post by Tony Robbins (Virgin CEO). This completely hit home. I need to focus on scaling the wall. I need to focus on redefining the problem. I need to start focusing on my creative endeavors.

Day one is DONE!!! #30DayBlogChallenge

LIFE: How To Save & Earn Money with Uber & Ibotta!

DISCLAIMER: This post is in not sponsored by Uber, and Ibotta, but please note I do utilize affiliate links while discussing how to earn money when you ride Uber.

First of all, if you haven't signed up for an Uber account - you can do so here. Uber is a ride share service that has risen in popularity, especially in NYC. I often utilize Uber for a big trip from ALDI, when traveling (who wants to lug their suitcase on the subway?), and for late nights. Most of the time I use Uber Pool which is similar to a car pool and Uber matches up riders going in similar directions. I like Uber Pool for two reasons - you're being a bit more eco-friendly regarding gas and pollution and often time it saves me a couple bucks. If I am in a huge hurry, I will take an Uber X but if I don't have a huge time constraint, Uber Pool it is! If you haven't signed for Uber you can get a $5 off your first ride!

Second, sign up for Ibotta! It's a completely FREE app that you can earn cash back on groceries, select Amazon purchases, many other retailers including Uber! Once you've downloaded the app (referral link here. You can also earn cash back by referring friends and "building your team." I have a lot of friends who use Ibotta regularly especially for grocery shopping.  If I know I need to take an Uber somewhere - I open Ibotta app, search Uber (add it to your favorites), and then the Ibotta app will open the Uber app so you can request your ride. Once your ride is complete, you'll receive a notification from Ibotta informing you that you received cash back! Once your Ibotta balance reaches $20 you can keep earning or cash out to your PayPal, purchase an Uber gift card, etc. Ibotta is a an easy and quick way to earn cash back on every day purchases!

Third of all, be a respectful and polite passenger. If your Uber passenger rating is high, they're often more inclined to add coupons to your account. If you're a jerk in your Uber, chances are your rating may be lower and Uber isn't as inclined to toss some 50% coupons your way!

Happy Uber-ing and happy saving money!

LIFE: Mourning

This past week was filled with the emotions of mourning and grief. To be honest, I suppose you never  really "get over" the death of a loved one. My dear sweet Granny would have been 96 and while I know she's not suffering from "ol' Arthur" anymore and the other health issues that come up with age, it's still tough. It's been a year and half since she passed and I am still filled with sadness at times. But then I look at the sky and feel the breeze blow around me and I know she's there with me.


This week has also been a struggle with mourning a relationship. It's a hard pill to swallow to say when something is really over. It's been over but you know it's really over when you see their profile on an online dating site. Alas, all I can do is move forward.

Here's to spring finally showing up and blossoming into a new direction. Staying focused on me, my blog, my career. Everything else will fall into place.

Much love, Linds

LIFE: Giving up...

Sometimes in life you have to give up. As in give up and let things go that don't serve a purpose in enriching your life. Give up the unnecessary clutter, give up your shopping addiction, give up fear, give up self-loathing, give up worry, trust yourself and God.

image source: Jenny Lien

I have struggle and still continue to struggle with self doubt. I try my hardest to be me yet to mold my faults into growth, into learning, into understanding myself. I doubt my own self worth, my capabilities, my image, my own sense of self. I am challenging myself to STOP that self doubt.


There, I said it.


A little louder for the people in the back. And sorry Mom, I know you're not the biggest fan of me cursing.

But in all seriousness, fuck the bullshit of me doubting I can't do this, that I can't achieve goals (though goal setting is an opportunity of mine and I should utilize this blog as a platform to solidify my goals). I can do this. I will not let my own worries get the best of me. I am smart and capable, quirky yet cool, edgy yet classic. I will not doubt ME. I am giving up self doubt, I do not need you in my life.